About Us

The beginning is always tough. But once you are into it, you become unstoppable.

Mithun’s Fitness Factory is more than just a gym. We take pride in the innovative techniques we offer together with our compassionate approach. The primary concern is to create an impact on the clients and to promote a healthier YOU. Our motto to create fitness awareness among the people enables them to give up smoking, drinking and other bad habits, thus leading them to a healthier, prosperous and more peaceful life.

Our objective is to enhance positive thinking, confidence, alleviate illness and pain through physical training and exercise. An extremely encouraging approach for young people to substitute addictive habits with constructive physical activities, thus aiding them achieve self-esteem and self-respect for one’s physical structure and much more.

A great exercise regimen lets you have a better day, clears up your mind, leaving you feeling mentally and physically fit all through the day. Workout and accomplish what you had wished for. You will be overwhelmed to see the results for real and to notice your own body transformation and flexibility. Your body can do things that it couldn’t, just a few weeks ago.

About Mithun

Sports have always been a part of me ever since my childhood. I have been a part of many sports like Football, Athletics, Boxing, Badminton, Swimming, etc at different levels and this has always encouraged me to upgrade myself.

The knowledge about fitness was very limited during my teen days. Not many people would prefer going to the gym, as they felt it was only meant for bodybuilders, but over a period of time, I realised that a gym is a place not just for the ones who want to bulk up or lose weight, it is something beyond that. As I started to train myself at the gym my performance in sports gradually improved, my posture was better, I had fewer injuries and brought discipline in my life and my eating habits, I could see the changes happening to my body and would also sometimes help my friends by giving them some tips about my diet or my fitness regime.

I used to correct people if they were performing some wrong exercises so, one of my coaches at that time realised my talent and asked me to train a few of the clients at the gym where I was working out, as a part-time instructor. After a few days, I realised training is not an easy job. It involves hard work and a lot of science. I used to read magazines and follow how different people train for different sports, etc and in the process did a lot of certifications to help people reach their fitness goal, as safely and smartly as possible.

I worked in various international gyms as a personal trainer but always wanted to set up my facility to help people and by encouraging them to be active. After 15years of hard work and passion towards fitness Mithun’s Fitness Factory was established.